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"For big fans of dialogue heavy turn based war gaming set in fantasy settings this is worth a look...”

“If you are ready for a strategy game that is innovative and stands out above all others in the genre, King Arthur II is the strategy game that you have been waiting for. The role-playing elements take the game to an entirely new level, allowing it to create a fresh, invigorating experience.”

"If you, like me are not a strategy fan but are looking for an accessible way into the genre then look no further. It’s a game that is easy on the eyes, accessible in all the right places, and yet not so streamlined as to feel condescending. The supreme balance of the game makes it a title that just about anyone can get something out of. "

“A worthy successor to the original to say the least.”

“Overall, this is a good sequel and with the new gameplay elements and the depth and variety of the gameplay itself I think this is a game that will appeal to many people who are fans of diverse genres like RPGs, RTS and tactical warfare. On top of that, anyone who is a fan of Albion, Arthur,...

“Overall this is probably one of the best turn based/RPG/RTS game’s I’ve ever played. Hugelly enjoyable and immensly fun, I give this game my highest recomendation.”

“Like its predecessor before it, King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame successfully melds role-play, adventure, diplomatic and combat elements into a cohesive, one of a kind experience. The additions and changes make the game feel almost as fresh as its predecessor and discovering them is almost an adventure by itself.”


“King Arthur II is a game with great intentions and, for the most part, it succeeds in those intentions.”
“...if you’re starving for some quality strategy gaming, look no further.”
“... if you’ve ever played a Total War, and enjoyed it, and felt you wanted more of...

“King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame is a good [game] worth trying. “

“Overall, King Arthur II is an intriguing and unique game which successfully marries a story-driven RPG narrative to a sandbox-style strategy core.”

“Overall, the game is an enjoyable and challenging title to add to your library.”

“... it can catch you unawares and keep you entertained for hours on end.”

“King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame provides a solid balance of turn-based strategy, a dash of roleplaying, and epic battlefield butt-kicking—all of it set in a richly imagined fantasy world. If you’re a fan of games like Total War, Kings’ Crusade and similar games, King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame should be on your buy list”

“...if you are looking for a challenging, enjoyable, and very much story-driven real time strategy you won’t find a better one out there.”

"King Arthur II is a game made up of many different elements, and on the whole they work very well together."

“King Arthur II is a welcome change to the strategy genre, both in storytelling and in tactical, real-time combat.”

“...Neocore has crafted a wonderful, vibrant story to add to the Arthurian lore!”

“In conclusion King Arthur II is a very good game that tries to utilise both aspects of the RTS and RPG genres ...”

“The graphics quality is very close to what Total War: Shogun 2 delivered last year, which is quite high praise given the more limited resources used here.”

“King Arthur II is a worthy extension of the ideas that Neocore Games pioneered in the first title of the series and is a solid strategy game that will fill many hours for all fans of the genre....

"I think anyone who enjoyed the first game in the series or those who like the idea of Total War with dragons all in there would find a lot to enjoy.”

“I'd definitely recommend it to any strategy game enthusiast and to anyone who wants to see legionaries fighting enormous hell beetles.”

"...there is some fun to be had here for everybody...”

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