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Armchair General: King Arthur II, Dead Legions Prologue Preview

“Fans of the Total War series should lighten their historical load and give it a try, while Skyrim fanatics will find much more engrossing decisions to be made in KA2‘s roleplaying.”

Cheat Code Central: King Arthur II Preview

 “… the devs are really trying to set King Arthur IIapart from other strategy games out there by making the flavor every bit as important as the crunch.”

CG Monthly: King Arthur II Preview

“The title looks to be a worthy successor to a unique strategy title, and is more accessible
 than the previous title. With stunning visuals and art style, and the difficulty toned down, this could be a game to look out for and may be a must own for any armchair knight looking to get his hands dirty.”

Destructoid: King Arthur II Preview

“... its tactical depth, rich dark-fantasy vibe, and role-playing roots should pique the interest of any mythology buff and diehard strategy fan when this game arrives early next year.”

Elder Geek: King Arthur II Video Preview

“King Arthur II will certainly occupy countless hours of game time in the near future as its RPG/RTS combination makes this the ultimate merging of two addictive gaming genres. From its enhanced graphics to the detailed campaign map, to the 3D battlefields and the unique units, King Arthur II is hoping to please fantasy and strategy fans alike.”

Gaming Lives: King Arthur II Preview

“This is pure RPG war-gaming in a wonderful looking setting, blending mythology and fantasy to, seemingly, great effect.”

Game Dynamo: King Arthur II Preview


“... commanding a massive swarm of flying dragons in battle sounds awesome.”
“I saw some pretty freaky-looking creatures roaming about that I can barely even begin to describe.”

Plug Head: King Arthur II Preview

“...King Arthur II looks like an improvement on an already stellar first title.”

Impulse Gamer: King Arthur II Preview

“...Neocore Games has delivered a spectacular game...”

Mana Pool: King Arthur II Preview

 “With an extraordinary new plot and insane new battles, our community’s expectations will be blown away.”

New Gamer Network: King Arthur II Preview


“The series retains many of its unique features and further improves upon them, which is great news for the fans and potential newcomers alike.”
“This RTS/RPG hybrid looks to be a deep yet accessible title and should be on the radar of all self-proclaimed strategists with an interest in role playing.”

PC Gamer: King Arthur II Preview - (Print Only) August Issue

‘King Arthur II’ – “…it’s enticing me like few upcoming pure RPGS or RTS games are.” 

PCG Zine: King Arthur II Preview - (PDF Magazine) April Issue

“The addition of flying creatures into the game has massive implications on combat and look extremely impressive.”

PC Gamer: King Arthur II Preview - (Print Only) Christmas Edition

“Total War may finally have a challenger.”

PCG Zine: King Arthur II Preview - (PDF Magazine) December Issue

“…the richness of the fiction, of the world and the visuals, makes King Arthur II an experience which every gamer should at least take a sideways glance at.”

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: King Arthur II Preview

“Total Arthur: A First Look At King Arthur II”

The Examiner: King Arthur II Preview

”King Arthur II combines epic dark fantasy with Arthurian and Celtic myth and legend to create a new chapter in the role-playing /real-time strategy series from Neocore games and Paradox Interactive.”

Destructoid: King Arthur II Preview @ Games Com 2011

"King Arthur is a hugely enjoyable game that any fan of the RTS style found in Warhammer: Dark Omen and the Total War series should pick up. King Arthur II looks like it will make some interesting changes to the gameplay and everything looks nicer to boot. I wish I could start it up right now."


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ESRB Teen Pegi 12