Press Interviews

Game Informer: King Arthur II Article

“Beyond being visually stunning, the battle was
 tactically fascinating.”

PC Gamer: King Arthur II Article

“King Arthur 2 trailer has dragons, giants and so many F6N2E-CHMV4-JR7EK- Z8DQH-XGYIW harpies they blot out the sun” 

RTS Guru: King Arthur II Impressions @ E3 2011

"When King Arthur II does finally drop (by the end of 2011, though no official release date has yet been confirmed), it seems as though the RTS/RPG/GS hybrid model will once again prove a success for Neocore and Paradox Interactive."

The Reticle: King Arthur II Article

“Trailers like this one for King Arthur II definitely get a nice little tick in the ‘yes please’ box”


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