Strategy and Tactics

In King Arthur 2 – The role-playing wargame you take on the role of strategy overlord and tactical genius.  Assuming command of a central hero, the leader of a small faction and small band of experienced warriors, you must attempt to uncover the dark mysterious forces at work throughout the northern lands of ancient Britiannia.  

Gameplay is divided into two intermittently occuring phases of strategy and tactical play.

Strategic actions take place on a large campaign map, home to an array of bickering, disparate factions all vying for domination over each other and the other ancient, non-aligned dwellers of these wild lands.  Hero led armies are moved from location to location, in order to achieve a set of story-driven goals.  Some of these locations can spawn interactive, text-driven adventure quests, where different outcomes can affect the  successful completion of your objectives.  Some locations such as castles and cities can be acquired in order to increase the capabilities of your faction's armies.  These can be upgraded through the research of Lore.  Here too Magic can be discovered and learnt by heroes with the capacity to do so.  While certain special locations may force your army to fight in hard battles against a myriad of tough opponents,  Where the difference between victory and defeat is ultimately in your hands.

Tactical battles take place when two opposing armies of heroes and units close distance and meet at a particular location.  When this occurs you can opt to take command of your forces, deploy, order and interact with them during the duration of battle or you can choose to Auto-Resolve the encounter.  During battle you can choose to set unit formations, carefully initiate tactical maneouvres to gain the upper hand, unleash deadly magics to vanquish your foes, or choose the clever route and minimise casualties by capturing a series of vital victory locations.

Both sets of actions are initiated and conducted during a repeating cycle of four sequentially occuring game turns, modelled on the four calendar seasons of the year.

The Tides of Time: The Four Seasons

Game Play on the Campaign Map is turn-based. One turn equals one season. All four seasons are radically different from each other in terms of visual representation.  You can see the current season in the upper left hand corner. Press End turn (lower right corner) to move on to the next Season.

During the months of Spring, Summer and Autumn, many different strategic options can be initiated by players. The most common actions correspond to units and armies.  Though many other options can be undertake for heroes for example.

Armies can be moved around and across the Campaign Map in order to reach towns and other special locations. They can be ordered to intercept and engage enemy armies or reinforced with replacement warriors.  In addition units can be exchanged for other warrior groups held in reserve. 

There is one special season, the winter turn. During the winter season your heroes and units can be upgraded. This is the only time you can give orders to build and upgrade locations such as castles or conduct research in a branch of magic or some aspect of building locations.  Neither armies nor heroes can move in the winter.


United States & Canada

ESRB Teen Pegi 12