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Gamers Daily News: King Arthur II Review - Score: 9/10

“A worthy successor to the original to say the least.”

“Overall, this is a good sequel and with the new gameplay elements and the depth and variety of the gameplay itself I think this is a game that will appeal to many people who are fans of diverse genres like RPGs, RTS and tactical warfare. On top of that, anyone who is a fan of Albion, Arthur, Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table owes it to themselves to check this game out.”

zConnection: King Arthur II Review - Score: 85%


“King Arthur II is a game with great intentions and, for the most part, it succeeds in those intentions.”
“...if you’re starving for some quality strategy gaming, look no further.”
“... if you’ve ever played a Total War, and enjoyed it, and felt you wanted more of a personal role in the development of your troops and the direction in which your country goes, don’t even hesitate: boot up Steam and buy this now.”
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ESRB Teen Pegi 12